• calender 25 November 2020 category Pharmacy Error
    Medication errors harm over a million people every year, and the costs associated with the errors numbers in the billions. Despite the duty of care that healthcare providers are committed to and strive for, negligence, and malpractice when it comes to prescribing, administering, and dispensing medications occurs at staggering rates. If you are reading this article, you may be one
  • calender 17 November 2020 category Pharmacy Error
    Have you ever noticed that Walgreens Pharmacies are usually extremely busy? You will likely see every pharmacist and technician occupied with a customer when you enter the pharmacy area of one of their stores. Which makes you think that they are chronically understaffed - and maybe they are. Does it make you wonder why they don't just hire more people?
  • We've all been there: standing at the pharmacy line, signing our name on the dotted line - indicating the pharmacist offered counseling and we accepted (or declined) said counseling. Most people are focused on finishing the errand and moving on with our lives. We blindly trust that the doctor and the pharmacist got the medication right, the dosing right, but,
  • calender 12 November 2020 category Pharmacy Error
    Each year, approximately 1.5 million people are harmed due to pharmacy errors. Let's face it. Our pharmacies and pharmacists are short-staffed, distracted, and overworked, relying increasingly on pharmacy assistants to help in the process of filling and administering prescriptions. Though errors are infrequent, you must be your own advocate when making sure you've received what the doctor ordered, that the
  • When you take the right medication, dosage, and for the correct length of time, it can save your life. Medicine not taken correctly can cause deathly consequences to adults and children. Giving the wrong dose and medication to children can have more severe consequences than the same mistake given to an adult. Children are smaller than adults, and their immune systems