Our Testimonials

This law firm is different from other lawyers I have met. They explain everything to you and make sure you understand what’s going to happen. I’m very happy with the settlement I got. At this firm, the lawyers are real people and you can tell the difference from other attorneys right away. I recommend Galvin to anyone.

-Jorge Chavez

Thanks to Galvin and all the hard work everybody did on this case. They really took time to go through every detail and make sure of what they were doing. Call them – I recommend them!!

-Miguel Diaz

I’m glad I called Kennedy. My employer wasn’t paying me overtime and I knew that was wrong. I found this firm on the Internet. They immediately went to work on my case. The lawyers and the staff took care of everything and they taught me about my case and kept me updated on everything. The lawyers at Kennedy firm know what they’re doing and they helped me get the overtime pay my employer owed me. I’m very happy with my recovery. I would hire them again, and I would recommend them to anyone who has problems with overtime pay with their employer. They take care of their clients. I’m glad I found them.

-James D.

Me and my daughter were in an auto accident and we had to find a lawyer. This firm was really understanding about our situation and they gave us the individualized attention that we needed. They understood the importance of my family’s well-being. I highly recommend them for anyone involved in a car accident.

-F. Diaz

If you need a lawyer to get back your lost pay, call Kennedy. They sat down with me, went through my pay stubs, and when they showed me how much I was really owed for all those years I couldn’t believe it! I felt so cheated! But they got me through this case and I am so glad I gave them a call! I would recommend this firm to everyone.

-German Garcia

Nobody ever wants to have to get a lawyer to get your pay back from your boss but sometimes I guess you have no choice. Call Galvin, he hase handled these cases a lot and they are honest about your case.

-Juan Ramirez

I would like to open with a much appreciated “Thank you” to you for your professionalism and prompt attention regarding this settlement matter. If it was not for Mr. Vargas stepping up and obtaining your law firm services, honest working citizens like myself and Mr. Vargas would not receive our deserved compensation. I just wanted to express my gratitude to you and the law firm you work for. Please forward this letter to your superiors.

You made it your mission, without fail, to track me down and make it known that I have a much deserved reimbursement from my previous place of employment. I know I am not an easy person to contact (track down) because I have moved a lot, changed my contact numbers, and I am never on one place for a long period of time. Thank you for your diligent efforts in trying to locate my whereabouts so that I can receive my part of the settlement verdict. Also, when you asked me to fill out the “Trident Final Disbursement Sheet”, you did not hesitate to send my check when I returned the form. I received the check the very next day. Please forgive me for taking your valuable time in reading this letter of appreciation. Thank you again.

-Paul Torres

Thank you for your professionalism, your hard work, and your dedication. I can’t say how much I am glad I called this firm! They got me everything I was owed from an employer I knew was paying me wrong. They said the case might take some time but in the end it was definitely worth the wait to get what I was owed!

-Javier Castaneda

I never thought I would have to hire a lawyer about what my employer was doing. A lot of people said it wasn’t worth it to get an attorney but I would’ve missed out on a lot if I hadn’t called their firm! They are professional but laid back. I definitely recommend them.

-Javier H.

After working for a metal manufacturing company for a few months I found out they owed me overtime. I was surprised because I had no idea I had to be paid that money. Lots of people just trust their employers to pay them right but you can’t let that happen because they will try to get away with not paying you. If you’re owed money call this firm.

-Manuel M.

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