• The Third Circuit Defines When Changing into Protective Gear is Compensable Under the FLSA
    calender 07 September 2023 category Overtime, General
    The Third Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that the time spent by oil rig workers changing into and out of protective gear is compensable under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The court held that the compensability of this time depends on a multi-factor test, and rejected a standard that pegs compensability on whether the clothing guards against dangers
  • calender 15 June 2023 category General
    The United States Supreme Court recently made a ruling that affects how some employees are paid. In the case of Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. v. Hewitt, the Court decided that paying employees based on a "day rate" does not meet the requirements of the salary basis test under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). This means that even highly
  • When you take the right medication, dosage, and for the correct length of time, it can save your life. Medicine not taken correctly can cause deathly consequences to adults and children. Giving the wrong dose and medication to children can have more severe consequences than the same mistake given to an adult. Children are smaller than adults, and their immune systems
  • Pursing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit When a Negligent Driver Causes Your Loved One’s Death
    calender 01 July 2020 category General
    The tragedy of a car accident is compounded when a family member dies as a result of his injuries. This is especially true when a negligent driver causes a crash that could have been prevented. Unfortunately, fatalities in car wrecks are increasing instead of decreasing. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an estimated 17,775 people were killed
  • Why a Prompt Spoliation Letter Can Make a Difference in Your Injury Claim
    calender 01 July 2020 category General
    When a truck accident occurs, the damage can be devastating. In many cases, the drivers and passengers of the other vehicles involved experience serious, traumatic injuries. Afterward, they face long, painful recoveries. Often, they must miss work and are unable to experience life in the same manner as before. They pursue personal injury cases to help maintain their family’s security
  • calender 01 July 2020 category General
    Millions of people are living with type 2 diabetes in the United States. Depending on the severity of the condition, some patients may need to take medication to control their symptoms and prevent dangerous complications. Unfortunately, however, one such medication used to treat type 2 diabetes has since been linked to the dangerous condition diabetic ketoacidosis. This medication, Invokana, was
  • calender 01 July 2020 category General
    Despite being hailed by its manufacturer and marketing company as being a safer and more convenient alternative to other popular blood thinners on the market, the drug Xarelto has proven to be very dangerous to patients. Many have suffered serious injury and even death as a result of taking this drug. The medication is typically prescribed to thin the blood
  • calender 01 July 2020 category General
    Childbirth is usually a special and wonderful event for those parents whose delivery experience is an easy one and birth is unassisted. However, difficult labor can sometimes require an assisted delivery that may be traumatic due to the risk of birth injuries. What Is a Birth Injury? A birth injury happens during the birth process usually due to complications during
  • calender 01 July 2020 category General
    Losing a loved one to the reckless, negligent or criminal actions of another can lead to complex legal battles that can be difficult to navigate. To receive the most compensation for your loved one’s untimely death, you will need to understand your legal options and how they apply to your specific case. One crucial distinction that survivors of wrongful death
  • The Most Common—and Dangerous—Types of Truck Accidents
    calender 01 July 2020 category General
    Truck accident victims often suffer the most serious and life-changing injuries possible. Those traveling in passenger vehicles such as cars, trucks, and minivans are no match for tractor-trailers that are much larger and heavier than other vehicles traveling on the roads. When a passenger vehicle and large truck collide—tragedy often strikes. Passenger vehicles have little protection against these massive trucks