• The Top Reasons to Consult an Attorney About Pharmacy Negligence
    calender 06 May 2021 category Pharmacy Error
    While it might seem like pharmacies have a lot of checks and balances in place to prevent injury or harm from coming to patients who have their prescriptions filled there, the reality is that various kinds of errors harm or injure patients every year. There are over 1,400 errors related to medications that are not reported correctly, and not reviewed
  • How to Know if a Prescription Error is Malpractice?
    calender 27 April 2021 category Pharmacy Error
    Malpractice cases always hinge on a determination that negligence was involved in the accident that caused harm to another person. There are mistakes that are not considered to be negligence and defining the difference between the two takes a careful investigation into the situation that led to the prescription error itself. As the victim of a prescription error, you probably
  • Compounding Pharmacy Negligence and Malpractice
    calender 21 April 2021 category Pharmacy Error
    Pharmacy negligence is more common that you might think. Errors in filling medication orders can originate from the doctor’s office, from the staff at the pharmacy, or from the pharmacists themselves. Being given the wrong medication or the wrong dosage of one of your medicines can lead to significant injury or death. For those who get their medications from a
  • What Are the Most Common Types of Pharmacy Error or Negligence?
    calender 16 April 2021 category Pharmacy Error
    You might think that there are lots of checks and balances in place in pharmacies to prevent errors in medication dosage and other problems from slipping through the cracks. While this is true, you would be surprised at the high number of instances each year where pharmacy negligence causes harm to patients. If you have been harmed due to pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Error and Negligence/Malpractice
    calender 06 April 2021 category Pharmacy Error
    You trust your pharmacy to provide your prescriptions in whole and with factual dosing directions. But what happens when your pharmacist makes a mistake? In the event of negligence on their part, it’s important to understand your options. Prescription Errors Did you know that prescription errors are one of the single most common types of medical malpractice? What’s more, there
  • What To Do If You Experience Pharmacy Error
    calender 18 March 2021 category Pharmacy Error
    The effects of pharmacy errors can range from frustrating to tragic, and if you or someone you love has been a victim of a pharmacy error, you have the right (and some would argue an obligation) to bring forth a lawsuit. The practice area of law that would cover these types of cases is called personal injury law, and it's
  • CVS Fined for Prescription Errors
    calender 05 March 2021 category Pharmacy Error
    In a rare rebuke, Oklahoma regulators fined CVS Pharmacy $125,000 in 2020 after an investigation focusing on four different CVS pharmacy locations in the state. The fine cited pharmacy errors and inadequate staffing of these locations. This fine is a pittance for CVS, the 5th largest company in the U.S., which paid its CEO a combined total of over $36
  • BEWARE of Pharmacy Error – The 10 Most Prescribed Drugs in America
    calender 16 February 2021 category Pharmacy Error
    According to the CDC, over 50% of the United States' population of adults has taken a prescribed drug in the last month, and more than 30% of that total take prescribed drugs regularly. Illnesses and conditions such as high blood pressure, depression, and pain, to name a few, are more frequently (and increasingly) being treated with prescription drugs. The increase
  • Pharmacy Errors – Common Causes
    calender 05 February 2021 category Pharmacy Error
    1.7% of the 3 billion prescriptions filled per year result in an error. Pharmacy error doesn't sound like a huge problem. But, when you break that down to errors per day and calculate that 4 out of 250 prescriptions filled daily contain a mistake, there is cause for alarm. We can break down the errors into four categories: Commission Omission
  • Preventing Pharmacy Error
    calender 20 January 2021 category Pharmacy Error
    According to the American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance, medication errors are relatively common in pharmacies. Of course, mistakes can lead to every consequence, from minor illness to death. But the harm these errors cause patients is very much avoidable. We will address why these errors occur in this article and ponder solutions to prevent mistakes. Errors Occur - Why? Possible causes