• calender 30 November 2020 category Pharmacy Error
    Of course, no pharmacist intentionally means to harm a patient. In fact, they intend to use every resource at their disposal to prevent harming a patient. But they can be a victim of their own circumstance. In case you haven't noticed lately, pharmacy environments can be very chaotic. Pharmacists are called upon to dispense medication, phone doctors, phone patients, work
  • calender 25 November 2020 category Pharmacy Error
    Medication errors harm over a million people every year, and the costs associated with the errors numbers in the billions. Despite the duty of care that healthcare providers are committed to and strive for, negligence, and malpractice when it comes to prescribing, administering, and dispensing medications occurs at staggering rates. If you are reading this article, you may be one
  • calender 17 November 2020 category Pharmacy Error
    Have you ever noticed that Walgreens Pharmacies are usually extremely busy? You will likely see every pharmacist and technician occupied with a customer when you enter the pharmacy area of one of their stores. Which makes you think that they are chronically understaffed - and maybe they are. Does it make you wonder why they don't just hire more people?
  • calender 12 November 2020 category Pharmacy Error
    Each year, approximately 1.5 million people are harmed due to pharmacy errors. Let's face it. Our pharmacies and pharmacists are short-staffed, distracted, and overworked, relying increasingly on pharmacy assistants to help in the process of filling and administering prescriptions. Though errors are infrequent, you must be your own advocate when making sure you've received what the doctor ordered, that the
  • calender 31 July 2019 category Pharmacy Error
    A Texas woman was seriously harmed by an error at her pharmacy. The error occurred at a compounding pharmacy, which is a pharmacy that tailors medicine for patients who cannot take standard medicine. Compounding pharmacies operate without the standard approvals required by the FDA for other drugs. The woman has a genetic disorder which causes seizures. In 2014, she began
  • calender 18 February 2019 category Pharmacy Error
    Sixty-eight patients claim to have suffered damage to their vision after visits to two Texas surgery centers. Of the 68 patients, 60 of them have filed lawsuits claiming that a drug which was made by a compounding pharmacy led to their lost vision. Compounded drugs are prescription drugs that are tailored to meet individual prescription needs. Many medical facilities like
  • calender 09 August 2018 category Pharmacy Error
    If you have been harmed by an error with prescription medications, you may be able to sue the pharmacy or pharmacist. You should speak with a Houston pharmacy error attorney who can help. In many situations, the drug error is a result of an individual’s negligence. When pharmacists get busy, it can be easy to make an error with a