• Protecting Our Nurses: Navigating Meal Break Rights and Remedies for Violations
    calender 29 March 2024 category Overtime
    Nurses, the unsung heroes of healthcare, often find themselves working tirelessly to care for others, sometimes at the expense of their own well-being. Amidst their demanding schedules, meal breaks become a crucial respite, allowing them to recharge and maintain their focus. However, understanding the legal framework surrounding meal breaks can empower nurses to assert their rights and ensure they receive
  • Fear Retaliation?  No Need and Here’s Why.
    calender 28 February 2024 category General, Overtime
    We understand the fear of retaliation might hold you back from claiming the wages you rightfully earned. It's a common concern among workers in general and healthcare workers in particular, but here's why you can speak up with confidence: Protected by Law: The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) strictly prohibits any form of retaliation against employees asserting their rights. This includes
  • Empowering Employees: A Compassionate Approach to Meal Breaks
    calender 06 February 2024 category Overtime, General
    In the realm of employment, it is crucial for employers to appreciate the importance of meal breaks. Federal law wisely acknowledges that meal periods are not considered work time and should not be compensated. However, to truly embrace the spirit of a "bona fide meal period," it is essential for employees to be entirely relieved from duty during this time,
  • Employees are now entitled to pay for pre-shift and post-shift activities like Security Screenings and COVID Testing in Maryland
    calender 31 January 2024 category General, Overtime
    In a significant decision, Maryland’s Highest Court has set a new precedent in wage and hour law, advocating for the rights of hourly workers. The ruling in Mario Ernesto Amayo et al. v. DGS Construction LLC et al. and Juan Carlos Terrones Rojas et al. v. F.R. General Contractors Inc. et al., Nos. 14 and 17, September Term 2021, mandates
  • The Third Circuit Defines When Changing into Protective Gear is Compensable Under the FLSA
    calender 07 September 2023 category General, Overtime
    The Third Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that the time spent by oil rig workers changing into and out of protective gear is compensable under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The court held that the compensability of this time depends on a multi-factor test, and rejected a standard that pegs compensability on whether the clothing guards against dangers
  • Unmasking Deceptive Compensation Packages
    calender 23 August 2023 category Overtime
    The Illusion of a "Salary” Many employers in the field of project management have developed clever compensation packages to obscure the true nature of a scheduler's compensation, often presenting it as a "salary." However, under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), for a payment to qualify as a bona fide salary, it must bear a reasonable relationship to the total
  • Unpaid Overtime: Are Primavera P6 Schedulers Owed More Than They Think?
    calender 23 August 2023 category Overtime
    In today's fast-paced world of project management, Oracle Primavera P6 software has become a staple tool for schedulers, ensuring that projects run smoothly and efficiently. But behind the scenes, there's an issue that often goes unnoticed: the unpaid overtime wages owed to these dedicated professionals. This article will delve into the job duties of schedulers, why they deserve overtime pay,
  • calender 25 January 2023 category Overtime
    Workers in the oil and gas industry are often misclassified as exempt employees and are not paid overtime. However, this is usually illegal. The law requires employers to pay their workers overtime when they work more than 40 hours a week. Many employers attempt to avoid this requirement by paying their employees a "day rate". This means that the employee
  • calender 01 July 2020 category Overtime
    Fieldworkers for oil and gas companies around the nation often have trouble getting the overtime pay they deserve, and many are afraid to ask questions or talk to their employers about their concerns. Although it’s recommended that you speak to an experienced attorney before you decide to confront your employer, it is likely that you will need to meet with
  • calender 20 May 2019 category Overtime
    Fortunately, most employers in Houston are honest and pay their employees all of the pay that they have earned. However, there are some dishonest employers who take advantage of their employees. They may refuse to pay employees what they have earned, which can include not only wages, but also overtime, bonuses, sick time, and vacation time. This commonly happens when